Writing is painfully easy – as easy as sweating out your joys, experiences, pains, and ideas on paper or screen. Once it’s done, you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you review and get it set for the whole world to read.

Texto provides you just that.

A subscription to Texto gives you access to excellent editing of your non-fiction manuscript, as well as ongoing editorial support via phone or Whatsapp.

Built for convenience, Texto allows you to pay monthly or subscribe for a whole year. And with the assurance of an editor on call, you can go on creating content for your blog or articles for your audience.


  • Ideal for writers, bloggers, individual authors, etc
  • Access to content editing at a rate of N10,000 monthly or N100,000 a year
  • Editorial support via phone or Whatsapp on weekdays (9am – 5pm)
  • Review of up to 7,500 words a month


To get started on Texto, please click below.


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