The research project is the capstone of this phase of your scholastic journey. It is the billboard on which your intellectual and academic achievement is displayed. An editor will not only help you communicate the results of your study and research clearly, but will assist in ensuring that the final product meets the expectations of the academic world.

This is where Scholasto comes in.

Scholasto is an editing service package for students embarking on their research projects. Designed with both undergraduates and postgraduates in mind, it comes with a flexibility and affordability that a student would love.

As a subscription plan, you have the option of paying a monthly fee of N10,000 or retain our service for the whole year at just N100,000! With Scholasto, you get continued access to professional editing of your entire writing for the period.

So whether you are about embarking on selecting a topic or you have begun writing your thesis, we have you covered. As each chapter is written, we review and ensure it is clearly written and error free.


  • Ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate research students
  • Access to content editing at a rate of N10,000 monthly or N100,000 a year
  • Editorial support via phone, email,  or Whatsapp on weekdays (9am – 5pm)
  • Send in each chapter for review as it is written

Ready? Just sign up below, and let’s get you onboard!

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