Your content needs clarity

Your content needs clarity

Dear Professional,

As I browse through social media sites, I come across several posts riddled with grammatical errors. Sometimes I find glaring spelling issues which a little care would have prevented.

In a bid to push out content, be sure you are not sending a wrong message to the world.

You think you are projecting knowledge, but your audience is seeing sloppiness.

You want to convey skill, but they are struck by your inattention to details.

You believe in your value, but your poor writing is saying something different.

Dear Professional, please take a pause and review your content. Well written content not only provides information; it demonstrates quality. The clarity of what you write, the accuracy of your language, the beauty of your expression, could convey your value even before your audience examines the details of your post.

Of course, you don’t have to be a world-class writer in order to offer value to the world. However, your audience must clearly understand your message. And poor writing is not a friend to clarity.

Take a course. Seek feedback. Use a dictionary. By all means, improve yourself. Your future self will thank you for making the effort.

Remember: Content may be king, but clarity is its throne.


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